Leonidas Alexandrou, Founder & COO for First-class Business

An entrepreneur with several years of successful engagement within diverse projects and multiple industries and sectors. Founder of Young Future Leaders, Founder/ COO of First Class Business Middle East

Expert advice and practical contribution in the fields of entrepreneurship development, training and development, restructuring and reengineering, strategic planning and HR management.

An individual with well developed oral and written communication skills, strong presentation skills, knowledge of computer operations and programs, ability to prioritize and multi-task, effective problem solving skills, and capable building strong client relationships.

Leonidas holds a Bachelors degree from University of Nicosia, a Masters degree from Southampton University, and professional certificates from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London Business School, Association for Coaching and Mentoring, Cyprus Institute of Certified Management Consultants, and Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus

Dr. Umair Mehmood

Cognitive Neuroscience researcher empowering empirical wisdom for sustainable prosperity.

Umair Mehmood is a renowned precognition expert, defense & security strategist and investment diversity economist.

He presides a private equity syndicate and sits on the executive board of a Dubai based investment conglomerate.

Mr. Mehmood advises public sector GREs & corporates on strategic agility, risk climate, social inclusion, perception maneuverability, behavior modification & empowerment dynamics.

He also specializes in treatment of complex psychotic & psychosocial vulnerabilities. His therapeutic interventions such as nCBT are amazingly effective & popular.

Umair Mehmood is network member at Arête Initiative of the University of Chicago. He also holds membership of American Psychological Association (APA), Cognitive Sciences Society (CogSci) and several other organizations & scientific conferences worldwide.

He has developed a mechanism of human conscious assessment called Individual Comprehensive Evaluation (ICE) to access the scape & abilities of human cognition as he interprets the human expression to plot the most astounding description on human nature & its functional attributes.

As a writer, he is author of numerous manuscripts including a book of his very personal poetic thoughts & expressions.

He has been vocal in raising public awareness about women & youth empowerment, ethical & social investments, innovative enterprising and also about the critical role of academia towards cognitive development of human populations.

He remains accessible for philanthropy & investment advisory prepositions