Vision 愿景 & Mission 使命

Vision 愿景

“One platform, which delivers all your business needs”.


Mission 使命

“Our mission is to provide a single place for all new and existing businesses, where they can find answers for all their business queries and make their CPEC venture successful from day one”.


Offerings (Services) 产品(服务)

Trading Services 交易服务

  • Trading Partner 

Our wide network in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Pakistan enables us to provide you all kind of sourcing services with End to End solution.

  • Client Negotiation & Contract Preparation

Our experience in multiple industries allows us to develop a win win situation for all the parties.

  • Local representative for client & service provider relationship.

If you don’t want to have your own local setup, then we could be eyes and ears for your organization in that required local market.


  • 商贸伙伴

我们的网络偏及马来西亚, 中国, 香港,台 湾及巴基斯坦,能 够提供多元项目的双 向商贸服务。

  • 商业谈判和合同准备

我们拥有不同产业的经历,可以提供 业谈判及合约服务,创造双赢的合作关系

  • 客户驻地代表 

若您没有本地办事处或人员,我们提供本地代表服务,协助您处理本地商贸事宜 保障您在本地的相關權益。

Consultant services 顾问服务

  • Feasibility Report + Business Plan

Our team have over 20 years experience in developing feasibility report and business plans for new and existing business. Please feel free to reach us.

  • Travel Plan + Security Arrangement

We facilitate travelers for their local travel and hotel stay with Ministry of Interior provided instructions. If you have a customised needs then please feel free to provide your specific needs.

  • Site Visit + Client Meetings

We arrange required visits for factories, markets and specific offices. Furthermore, we also help in arranging client meetings.

  • RFI & RFP Process Facilitation for Vendor Selection

Our expert can helps you with your Request for Information and Request for Proposal process to identify best suitable vendors for your needs

  • ISO Certification

Our team is authorised partner with ISO and can help you to obtain ISO certification for your operations.

  • 可行性评估报告+商业计划

 拥有超过20年经验的团队,针对您要投 的 商业与市场提供相关服务。

  • 旅行计划+保安安排

我们提供符合本地内政部规范的商务与旅游 安排,提供量身定做的行程。

  • 厂商访问+客户会议


  • 合作伙伴筛选

我们专业的人员可依照您的要求取得合作伙伴的相关营业资讯,协助您选 择最合适的商业伙伴。

  • ISO认证


Corporate & Financial Services 公司和金融服务

  • Company Formation & Taxation

If you want to set up a new firm, whether it’s a partnership or a pvt ltd company. We can do all the painful job for you with all Trademark and Logo registration.

  • Business Process Outsourcing

If you believe in lean principles and wants to avoid multiple layers, then we can also provide outsourcing services like bookkeeping, clerical works and etc.

  • Internal & External Audit

Audit is a need for every business to ensure regulatory compliance. Our team of authorised auditors can take this hassle away from you. Call us today for further details

  • Property Evaluation (State Bank of Pakistan approved evaluator)

Our partners are authorised surveyor for State Bank of Pakistan and can help you to evaluate any property for you. Which can be used for bank pledging or other services.

  • CPEC related training centers for Labors.

With the help of Kinetixworld we have developed training centers to develop required skill sets in Pakistani Labor. Please feel free to reach us for further discussion.

  • 公司注册与税务


  • 行政业务服务

我们能够提供行政及记账相关服务,您 望精简 开支。

  • 内部和外部审计


  • 物业评估(巴基斯坦国家银行批准的评估员)

我们的合作伙伴是巴基斯坦国家银行授 评估员,可以协助您评估任何的物业投资。

  • CPEC有关劳工阶层发展和汉语学习的相关培训中心。